Fort Lauderdale Broken Bones Accident Lawyer

Cowen Edwards Trial Lawyers represents the victims of broken bones in the Fort Lauderdale accidents. Our Fort Lauderdale lawyers offer free consultations to all injured victims. Contact our offices to find out what your case may be worth and how to hold those at fault fully responsible for what you’ve been through.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Accident Causes a Broken Bone?

You should speak to a lawyer about your case if you suffer a broken bone or any other serious injury after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. The cost of care for a bone fracture can trigger insures to cast blame on you or question how badly you are hurt. You may need protection from these tactics.

Your Fort Lauderdale Broken Bone Lawyer fully investigates your accident and builds a strong case backed with evidence. This makes it much harder for insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers to worm their way out of accepting financial responsibility. Your lawyer also takes that evidence and negotiates from a strong position to demand the maximum in accident settlement money on your behalf.

Broken Bone Accident Dangers in Fort Lauderdale Accidents

X-Ray of broken armThere are plenty of personal injury dangers in a busy place like Fort Lauderdale. You may be stopped at a red light along Las Olas Boulevard when a driver looking at a cell phone rams you from behind. Your legs may be shoved into the floorboard, breaking ankle bones or a fibula bone.

Your family may be enjoying a day at Loggerhead Park when a careless dog owner allows a pet to bite your child causing several hand and finger fractures. You could slip and fall on a puddle left on an aisle at Publix. You could reach out to catch yourself and break a wrist. You may land on the hard tile to suffer a hip fracture.

These are just a few examples of accidents resulting in broken bones that victims shouldn’t be financially responsible for. According to Florida Personal Injury Laws, dog owners, other drivers, business owners, property owners and landlords all owe you a “duty of care.” They must act with your safety in mind when they use public roads or invite you into a store.

When they don’t, those at fault can be held liable for every cost you encounter as you try to heal and rebuild your life. Unfortunately, insurance providers for these at-fault parties will do everything they can to slip away from responsibility. Cowen Edwards Trial Lawyers makes sure they can’t. When filing an injury claim on your behalf, your lawyer often secures much more money for your recovery.

What Types of Bones are Most Vulnerable in an Accident?

Traffic collisions can break almost any bone found in a victim’s body. Even the seatbelts and airbags meant to protect victims can end up fracturing chest bones and facial bones. A fall down the stairs at your apartment complex could cause a skull fracture and leave your landlord liable.

Doctors working in the ER at Broward Health Medical Center treat these specific bone fractures and many others after personal injury accidents:

  • Broken Chest Bones (e.g., ribs, collarbone, sternum, clavicle)
  • Broken Leg Bones (e.g., femur, tibia, and fibula bone fractures, knee bone fractures)
  • Knee Joint Fractures
  • Ankle Joint and Foot Bone Fractures
  • Arm Bone Fractures (e.g., the humerus in the upper arm, the ulna and radius in the lower arm)
  • Elbow Joint Fractures
  • Hand, Finger, and Wrist Fractures
  • Facial Bone Fractures
  • Vertebrae Fractures
  • Skull Fractures
  • Shoulder Joint Fractures
  • Hip Joint Fractures

Arm and leg bones are often vulnerable to the force of a traffic collision. The Cleveland Clinic finds that an arm bone may take at least a few months to heal. If the bone heals incorrectly additional surgery may be necessary and recovery may extend into years.

Serious leg fractures may take up to six months to recover from. The time these bones take to heal can cost victims their enjoyment of life and their ability to earn a paycheck at work.

What Should I Receive Compensation for After Suffering a Broken Bone in an Accident?

Your Fort Lauderdale broken bone lawyer seeks support for your total recovery. Insurance companies should never be allowed to simply pay for a single night in an emergency room and a return trip to have a cast taken off. The potential of additional care needed for a bone fracture must be considered.

Victims can require a surprise surgery years from now, but if they’ve already signed off on a “lowball” settlement offer, they won’t be able to ask an insurance company for more help.

Your lawyer demands an accident settlement check that covers every hardship you and your family face and will face. Your lawyer will also seek support for some factors you may not have known could earn you additional compensation:

  • Totals on current medical bills and estimates on the cost of care in the future.
  • Long-term costs associated with a permanent physical disability. This can include the need for physical therapy for bone fracture victims to learn to use their hands again or relearn to walk.
  • Pain and suffering. This includes the physical pain you endure and the emotional trauma you are put through.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Travel costs as you must find ways to get to and from doctor appointments while you’re injured and unable to drive. Transportation costs may skyrocket if you are in a wheelchair or in a cast.
  • Income and benefits you’ve lost while missing work.
  • Replacement of personal property damaged in an accident.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Broken Bone Injury Attorney

A broken bone suffered in a local accident can leave you feeling helpless and at times, unable to take care of yourself. During recovery, you may need major financial assistance to pay for your emergency room bills, not to mention the care you may need during a long-term hospital stay and for rehabilitation.

Allow our broken bone injury lawyers to handle the stress and frustration of battling the insurance companies. It’s more important that you spend that time focusing on coming back from a serious bone fracture injury. Schedule a free consultation and tell us what happened. Let us know about your biggest hardships since the accident and then let us go to work holding insurance companies fully liable for your recovery.

You are under no obligation, but if you do feel we can help you demand more for your hardships, you don’t need to bring any money with you to hire us. We work on a contingency basis. It means we aren’t paid unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement money insurers pay you.