Florida Disney Cruise Accident Lawyer

Cowen Edwards represents anyone that’s been injured on a Disney cruise ship in Florida. Disney cruises are normally fun for your entire family, but accidents can happen. Cowen Edwards’ experienced Florida cruise accident lawyers are here to simplify the legal process for you and your family, allowing you to focus on recovery. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

Should You Work With Our Lawyers?

You don’t technically need a lawyer for any injury claim in Florida, even for injuries on a Disney cruise. However, given the circumstances, it’s likely that you’ll need a lot of help if you’re injured. Our team of experienced lawyers can give you the legal guidance and support you need. Here’s how we approach these cases:

  • First, we explain your rights and options in a free initial consultation
  • If you decide to go ahead with a claim, we help you gather evidence and information
  • We use our resources to investigate the incident to figure out exactly what happened and who’s responsible
  • Once we get insurance information, we can help you file a claim against Disney or any other responsible entity.
  • If the insurance process turns out to be insufficient, we’ll help you file a lawsuit.

Overall, we just want to make things easier on you and your family. Because Disney cruises are designed especially for families–especially smaller children–it’s not just you that could get hurt. Having our team on your side can make this difficult process much simpler.

Disney Cruise Accidents and Liability

When you and your family get on a Disney cruise ship, you’re putting your safety and health in the hands of the crew. Disney cruises, known for their array of onboard activities and entertainment, cater to families with children. From character meet-and-greets to interactive games, they offer a plethora of experiences. However, amidst the fun, accidents can occur, including:

  • Slips, trips, and falls due to wet decks or cluttered walkways
  • Ship collisions or grounding accidents
  • Fires from equipment malfunctions or electrical issues
  • Accidental falls overboard leading to drownings
  • Foodborne illnesses or virus outbreaks
  • Recreational activity mishaps onboard or during shore excursions

These accidents often result in injuries, especially concerning children, who are more vulnerable to:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Head trauma, including concussions or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Soft tissue injuries like sprains
  • Burns
  • Respiratory issues
  • Serious illness from contaminated food
  • Drowning or near-drowning
  • Fatal injuries


When you’re hurt on a Disney cruise, it’s important to know who’s responsible. Liability means figuring out who should have kept you safe. On the cruise, it’s mostly the crew, owner, and operators who are supposed to keep you out of harm’s way. But finding out who’s to blame can be tricky. That’s where our experienced Florida cruise accident lawyers come in. We’ll help gather evidence and determine who should pay for your injuries. It could be:

  • The cruise ship’s crew
  • People handling food or working on the ship
  • Other passengers
  • Companies that made faulty equipment
  • The Disney Company

Obviously, it’s the circumstances of what happened that is going to ultimately decide who’s responsible. As an injury victim, it’s your job to show just how extensive and serious your injuries and damages are. That process starts immediately after the accident.

What You Need to Do After the Accident

Although a Disney cruise promises fun and excitement, accidents can quickly change the atmosphere. Like any other incident, it’s crucial to gather specific information to document what happened and safeguard any potential legal claim. Immediately following an accident on a Disney cruise, make sure to:

  • Report the accident – Tell someone in charge what happened. Usually, this will be a crew member. Make sure they tell their supervisor and anyone else over them. This should make the ship’s leadership react and fix the problem.

  • Get medical care – At the same time, make sure you or your child gets medical attention. Disney cruise ships probably have a medical area just for this purpose. This will take care of any immediate injuries, but more serious ones will need further care at a hospital.

  • Document what happened – Take down details of what happened, including when and where the accident occurred. Also, if you’re able, take pictures or video of any injuries and other damage, as well as anything that might have contributed to the accident.

  • Collect evidence – If you intend to file a claim, it’s crucial to gather supporting evidence. This may involve obtaining statements from witnesses, videos, photographs, and any pertinent documents. Also, save this evidence and don’t repair any damaged property.

Legal Options

Legally speaking, your options after a Disney cruise accident isn’t all that different from any other type of accident. Now, the situation is a bit unique, especially if your injuries occur during the voyage itself. That said, our team has the experience and knowledge to help you. Most of the time, you’ll either want to file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The purpose of the claim, obviously, is to get financial support for your losses.

In a typical cruise injury claim, you can recover:

  • Coverage for medical treatment and care expenses from the accident.
  • Financial support for lost income or potential earnings if you’re unable to work again because of the accident.
  • Reimbursement for damage to personal property caused by the accident.
  • Financial support for emotional distress and mental suffering due to the accident.
  • Coverage for physical and emotional pain directly resulting from the accident.
  • Financial support for the impact of the accident on your ability to enjoy life fully.
  • Possible punitive damages in severe cases of negligence by the cruise line or responsible party.

In Florida, just like elsewhere, if you’re partly responsible for an accident, it can affect your claim. This means if you’re found partly at fault, your settlement could be reduced by the same percentage. For example, if you’re 10% at fault for not following safety rules on the ship and you’re injured, your damages will be reduced by 10%.

Contact Cowen Edwards After a Florida Disney Cruise Accident

When you get hurt on a Disney cruise in Florida, it’s important to be patient. The claims process can take time and be challenging, especially when dealing with big companies like Disney. But if you work with our experienced Florida cruise accident lawyers at Cowen Edwards, we’ll make sure your claim stays strong and you get the result you want. Contact us today for a free consultation to start the recovery process.